In love with something bigger than love.

Anonymous said: isn't that sidewalk in l.a.?

Yeah. The sidewalks are like that on either side of the Chase building, I think. I wasn’t really paying attention to what building it was.

Anonymous said: So my friend is fanqurling because you followed her back.

Who? o_o Victoria, Linda, Vicky or Alana? I just checked who I followed recently to see who. LOL

Anonymous said: favorite sex blog?


Anonymous said: shoot, i've been reading your blog all the way back when you wrote sex stories and lked y-lai!

anon you ma nigga

Anonymous said: How would you suggest a girl make a move on a guy she's never talked to before? As in approaching a complete stranger impulsively.

An approach is usually situational, but I guess just start off with making eye contact and saying hello with a smile on your face.

Anonymous said: Did you read the meaning behind love song?

it’s pretty easy to tell already just knowing that the song is about a girlfriend who passed away lol

now can you anons please stop messaging me like my entire life revolves around 5 outstandingly fine korean men

i mean

big bang

Anonymous said: lol heard they sold out all their tickets in the US in just 2 hours

they’re famous guys

dont see why not

Anonymous said: Are you going to the Bigbang concert in LA?


Anonymous said: lol wtf who cares if he smokes

that’s like asking who cares if gays are allowed to marry

only the stupid, ignorant people do

that’s who

Anonymous said: GDragon smokes.

Well looks like that’s my lesson of the day.

I dance in my head whenever I get emotional over a song or get a strong vibe from it.

Anonymous said: Lol did you hear it? And it is sadness mixed in with anger.


Anonymous said: Actuallly, that's not really a simp song. But it's still really, good

I should punch you in your grey face right now you have LET ME DOWN ANON I WAS EXPECTING SADNESS NOT DRUNKEN RAGE

Anonymous said: Did you hear "She's Gone" by GDragon? It's really good.

I haven’t. I’ve been off my simp game. Totally about to pick it back up thanks to you, anon.

Anonymous said: "Love Song" by Bigbang is really sad too. It's about a girlfriend that died. You have to really look into the lyrics and the notes GDragon wrote while writing the lyrics. I didn't know it at first but it's really sad.

A lot of their songs are really sad. GD’s songs are super sad, too… And I love it. Because I’m a huge ass simp.

Anonymous said: I don't even listen to korean music and I love Bigbang! But yeah, monster was a pretty sad song. It's really good though.