In love with something bigger than love.

So I been working out a lil and eating healthy and I feel so much more confident about my body tybg I shall continue to blossom

maybe i should stop singing you to sleep and leaving you things to wake up in the morning

or maybe i should see if it gives you the same thing it gives me

I’ll shoulder your burdens for you. I know I’ve got the resilience for it; why wouldn’t I try and help a friend?

If we’re friends and we’ve made plans to see each other after a huge hiatus best expect I’m going to try and dress hella cute just to impress you 

whatevz, rolling with my friends to khoury’s tomorrow night, just gonna go out and have fun bc i been stressing over a bunch of small shit recently and i need a release

i thought i was mature enough not to be caught up over a simple idea

guess not