Narith | Nineteen

It’s not cuddling unless I’m holding your hand, digging my face into your neck, and outlining your body with mine.

I’m clingy, physically and emotionally. I’ll be up your ass, 24/7 just trying to be involved in your day and wrapped around you with my entirety when we snuggle.

Anonymous said: another suggestion I have (that just works for me personally but I would recommend giving it a shot) is keeping a side blog or something just for your writing (even if you have it on private) and just vent on that. No one has to see it, it's just there so you can get all of your emotions out when you're writing in the moment. & yeah I get what you mean about feeling silly after but no one is judging you and you shouldn't judge yourself. We all have ways of expressing our emotions & that's yours!

Thanks for everything anon ^_^

sometimes i wanna dress a certain way but then im like wait no why would i dress like that 

Anonymous said: hey I feel like that about my writing too but remember, you're writing for yourself not others. also if the words themselves don't capture the level of intensity or emotion that you would like them to, just revise them! If not, YOU know and understand the emotional significance that the words hold and even if you think it may be "poorly written", if it alleviates you of negative emotions and helps you feel better and express yourself that's all that matters :-) sorry if this was super cheesy

I appreciate your support and motivation, but what I meant by my writing is “poorly written” is that I don’t enjoy my own writing even as a release. It’s not that I put these up as a sort of performance, it’s just that when I write something, I never feel like I said what I wanted to say, and while revision would definitely be a good thing all-around, it’s not exactly what’s for me. My writing is expressive, and more in-the-moment. Committing to a revision would mean that I choose to indulge in the past, and the sole purpose of me putting my feels into text is for me to get over the past, you feel me? Your words really do help, it’s just that I’m not as quick-witted as I used to be, resulting in my lack of appreciation in my own writing. It feels good to write it out and express, but literally seconds later I realize how ridiculous I sound and end up deleting a good chunk of my text posts.

honestly i want to learn to incorporate boots into my wardrobe but first i need some slightly skinnier pants

dropping from 160lb to 130lb has made all of my clothes so much looser

can i just quit my job and go to kpop training camp 


People who buy Beats by Dre … I’m judging you.



So I went over to my boyfriend’s house tonight, and we decided to go night swimming. Well, we were kissing and grinding and all that in the pool and suddenly he just hugs me to him and says ‘I love you, and I’m glad you’re mine’ and when he said that I leaned in towards his ear and said ‘mine’ in the same voice as those seagulls from Finding Nemo and then he did it back and we basically sat in the pool shouting ‘MINE!’ at each other for a solid minute.


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my one hope is that i one day have fans and that my actions invoke so many feels that you cannot hold all of them

i just want to be able to buy clothes i like and food i love

honestly been contemplating buying a chain

yay or nay